Consumer Products

Pringles Lift Kellogg Sales

Kellogg Co. recently released its first quarter results for 2018 with strong sales data reported from Pringles chips. Additionally, the Eggo frozen waffles and the demand in emerging markets added to figures as well. The sales data indicated a 4.7%… Read More ›

Tapestry Beats Market Estimates

Tapestry Inc. has recently posted its third quarter financial results which generally beat the market estimates. The company had its earnings-per-share at 54 cents-per-share which surpassed the estimated data of just 50 cents-per-share. Generally, this was a 17.4% increase on… Read More ›

Hasbro Misses Market Estimates

Hasbro has recently released its financial results for the first quarter which ultimately missed the market estimates. The toy-maker company has blamed the bankruptcy filing of Toys R Us for the revenue drop. However, Hasbro promised that the slump could… Read More ›