HQ - logoHQBroker is a global forex broker that provides top-grade trading services for its clients. Headed by a group of skilled individuals, we offer our clients all the opportunities present in the forex industry so as to help them to proficiently accomplish their financial goals. HQBroker makes it possible for traders as well as investors around the world to follow and fulfill their every goal.

HQBroker takes pride in the level of the trading systems and solutions it is offering to its clients and partners around the world. Our every move is centered on setting up the most effective and low latency performance, keeping our clients one step ahead of the competition at the same time providing them unparalleled and excellent service.

Since the establishment of our company, we have been dedicated to continuously upgrade our software and internal infrastructure so as to maintain the upper hand in providing service that would best please our clients.

HQBroker aims to inspire the advancement of the forex industry and our team’s range of ideas puts a great deal of value on market inquiry, sending the lowest spreads possible along with the order of execution.

The TEACH account that we offer is particularly modified to meet the requirements of a specific type of trader. We would like to provide as much versatility as possible for our customers and our accounts have the most helpful features and benefits accessible to us.

Furthermore, we make an effort to secure our clients’ investment by primarily keeping all their funds unattached from the company’s assets. Hence, your funds are protected at all times even if the business comes across serious financial issues.


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