Samsung Plans to Launch Smartphones in India

Samsung plans to debut a budget smartphone series in India before a worldwide release, aiming to recover ground ceded to Chinese competitors such as Xiaomi in the world’s second-biggest mobile phone market.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones are shown on display in electronic store.

The South Korean firm’s Indian market share by shipments has lagged Xiaomi’s in the two of the three 2018 quarters for which data is accessible, according to technology researcher Counterpoint.

The three latest M-series phones, which Samsung intends to sell only through its website and Amazon’s Indian operation, will help the corporation to double online sales, the head of Samsung’s Indian mobile business.

“The M series has been built around and incepted around Indian millennial consumers,” Asim Warsi said, adding that the phones will be turned out worldwide after the Indian debut at the end of January.

He refused to give details but said that online sales account for a double-digit percentage of the corporation’s general mobile phone income.

“We are here to serve all consumers — from flagship premium and luxury to mid-range, affordable and popular smartphone segments. Being a full-range player, we have a full deployment and infrastructure in place in the country,” Warsi told IANS in an interview.

“We have been developing products for India via our robust R&D and product design teams based here. We have made deep investments into the country. We do not see India from one lens or one portfolio, unlike others.”

Samsung’s mobile phone sales in India moved 373.5 billion ($5.3 billion) in a year to end-March 2018, according to administrative filings sourced by, a business intelligence platform.

“India is the first market for the global launch of ‘M’ series. It will go to other markets later. The ‘M’ portfolio which will be made available through online channel is single-mindedly designed and intended for millennials,” informed Warsi.

The India-made phones, valued from below 10,000 rupees ($141.80) up to 20,000 rupees, will convey chunkier batteries and features such as fast charging, Warsi said.

Samsung has been improving its focus on India, home to more than a billion wireless subscribers and where approximately 350 million users still do not use smartphones.

“Samsung has access to latest display, camera, memory and connectivity technologies from hardware perspective. Further, it can enjoy global scale for the same ‘M’ models more than Xiaomi,” Neil Shah, Partner and Research Director at Counterpoint Research told IANS.

A year ago it released what it said was the world’s largest mobile phone industrial plant on the borders of India capital New Delhi as well as its largest mobile phone store worldwide in Bengaluru.

“A lot of our insights, R&D and developments for consumers in India … they have great connect with many other consumers in many other parts of the world,” Warsi said.

“You will see evocative display, massive battery with power management solutions, memory management solutions, fast charging technology — all in ‘M’ devices. “In one word, these are powerful devices, made for India keeping the local requirements in mind,” Warsi added.

Samsung’s Indian corporate sells its phones over 250,000 retail outlets and in excess of 2,000 exclusive stores, with support offered by 2,000 service centers.

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