U.S. Budget Deficit to Reach $1T by the Year 2020

The U.S. budget deficit will surpass $1 trillion by the year 2020, which is two year early than expected. As tax cuts and spending increases signed by the U.S. President Donald Trump did a little to boost the long-term economic growth, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) stated.

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Expending will exceed revenue by $804 billion in the fiscal year ending on September 30, hopping from a projected $563 billion shortfall forecast in June, according to the non-partisan arm of Congress on Monday. In fiscal 2019, the deficit will reach $981 billion, compared with an earlier projection of $689 billion.

Meanwhile, deficits were only set to surpass the trillion-dollar level in fiscal 2022 under the report of CBO last June.

The U.S. cumulative deficit will be $11.7 trillion from 2018 to 2027, which is $1.6 trillion larger than the forecast of CBO. The CBO forecast 2 percent less revenue and 1 percent more spending over the period.

According to the CBO, the tax-cut and spending legislation “provide fiscal stimulus, raising real GDP more than potential GDP in the near term.”

“Over the longer term, all of those effects, as well as the larger federal budget deficits resulting from the new laws, exert upward pressure on interest rates and prices.”

Deficits are rising as the Trump administration enacted a tax overhaul this year. This will lower the federal revenue by more than a $1 trillion over the next decade.

Unemployment Rates to Decline in 2019

A report shows that the unemployment will decline to 3.3 percent in 2019 from a 3.8 percent this year.

This week, Keith Hall, CBO Director, will testify about the report before the House and Senate budget committees.

Meanwhile, the congress is not planning to enact any major deficit-cutting legislation before the November midterm elections. As the House will draft a budget resolution, the Senate has indicated that it will not take one up.

Without the fast-track budget reconciliation there is no chance entitlement cuts conservative Republicans are seeking can be enacted because Democrats can employ a Senate filibuster.

The House, however, is planning a symbolic vote on a balanced budget amendment in the coming weeks. It is also discussing about bringing forward a package to withdraw some of the domestic spending surges from the omnibus spending bill.

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