Nintendo To Partner With Southwest Airlines

Nintendo has recently announced its partnership with Southwest Airlines to promote Super Mario Odyssey. The airlines will be handing out free 30 Nintendo Switch prize packs and an additional grand prize during the promotion.

Super Mario Odyssey is a new video game title running for Nintendo Switch. Residents of the United States will now have a chance to win 30 Nintendo Switch prize packs. Not only that, they may also have a chance to win a round-trip air travel for four. However, the taxes and fees are not inclusive of the potential deal. These are valued at least $5.60 one-way.

HQBroker Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video game console, with the main system comprising the “Switch Console”, the “Switch Dock”, and the “Joy-Con” controllers.

“Southwest is dedicated to providing memorable experiences for our Customers,”Director of Communication & Outreach at Southwest Brandy King, told reports. “As Customers plan their future adventures on Southwest, we’re excited to give them a chance to take Nintendo Switch and Mario with them along the way.”

Furthermore, the 29 winners of the Nintendo Switch prize pack will receive one Nintendo Switch system. This will also include one Game Traveler: Deluxe Super Mario Odyssey Travel Case, one Super Mario Odyssey Collector’s Edition Guide and the critically acclaimed Super Mario Odyssey video game.

“Super Mario Odyssey is all about travel, exploration, and that feeling you get when you discover something new and exciting,” Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Doug Bowser, told reports. “We’re excited to partner with Southwest so our fans can have memorable journeys in-game and in real life.”

Nintendo Switch Games

In other news, Nintendo has also announced new titles for its latest console Nintendo Switch. The gaming giant will release 13 new video games in 2018. This includes the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros and Kirby.

Also included in the list is Undertale. This game was first launched as a PC game in 2015. It further expanded to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and soon enough to Switch. This video game title has been loved for its originality and unique story telling.

“‘Undertale’ may not look like much, but its pixel-y exterior hides a story that alternates between funny and emotionally touching. You have the option to fight monsters, but you can also try to turn them into your friends with a complex system of communicating with them.” Matt Weinberger told reports.

Furthermore, Splatoon will be receiving an expansion for 2018. Splatoon 2 : Octo Expansion will be exploring the game’s user experience by providing new gameplays. The game’s single player mode will provide more experience with the player as an added feature.

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