BMW’s Most Expensive Car Yet

BMW logo on the car hood

The BMW i8 Roadster currently holds the position of most expensive car released by the carmaker. It has as a starting price of $163,300, having around $20,000 more compared to the coupe.

The i8 Roadster was launched together with the updated version of the coupe in late November. The open-top hybrid specialty will be available in March.

Original designs and concept for the i8 were actually unveiled years ago in 2014.

The car features an electric folding top that takes less than 16 seconds to fully open. It can also be opened on-the-go at speeds reaching 31 mph.

Despite weighing in at 132 pounds more than the coupe, BMW states that this isn’t a performance drawback. The Roadster can reach 60 mph in 4.2 seconds with its 1.5-liter turbo three and electric motor companion, putting out 228 horsepower.

Volvo’s New V60

Volvo logo on a steering wheel inside a car

Volvo releases a video ad entitled “Designed for Generations”, providing a sneak peek to its most recent model, the Volvo V60.

The ad traces the history of Volvo’s long-running V series of station wagons. It showed car models all the way back from the P1800 ES to its recent Polestar versions, with the families that drove them. It then finished with glimpses of the new V60’s grille and black leather interior which has beige trim elements.

The new V60 will also have Volvo’s new Scalable Product Architecture. It’s expected to continue Volvo’s current design philosophy of having a petrol/electric hybrid, four-cylinder engines.

The new model will be revealed live online at 5:30 PM on Wednesday February 21. It will make its real-world debut at the Geneva Motor Show happening on March 6.

In related news, Volvo and Zheijang Geely Holding Group Co. Chairman Li Shufu reportedly buy a stake in Daimler.

German newspapers reported last week that Li purchased a small stake in Daimler AG on the open market. This was after Daimler rebuffed his earlier offer to buy 5 percent of the company’s shares.

Li was honored as “Man of the Year” in Salzburg Austria by Europe’s top automotive media jury. Geely’s spokesperson refused to answer any questions about the reported share purchases. Li himself only appeared on video.

Some speculates that Li aims to forge an electric-vehicle venture with Daimler, the maker of Mercedes-Benz.

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