Ford China Chief Suddenly Resigns

Ford Motor Co. China chief Jason Luo announced his resignation after only five months of being seated in the position. The company said that Luo’s abrupt leave was due to personal reasons. This matter raised questions over how the automaker will handle the sales slump in the world’s biggest car market.

Ford logo in car hood

Luo worked with Key Safety Systems before being recruited to Ford. He was able to cause a significant surge in China revenue in the previous company he worked for. Luo was hired by Ford in August in hopes of repeating his work at the auto parts maker.

He was also tasked with overlooking the carmaker’s $920 million sale to China’s Nongbo Joyson Electronic. Aside from this, he also headed the $1.6 billion purchase of assets from bankrupt Japanese airbag maker Takata Corp.

Ford’s China sales were down 6 percent in 2017 compare to a year earlier, only selling 1.19 million vehicles. Despite this, China’s auto market grew 3 percent as a whole. The company’s rival, General Motors Co. increased its China sales by 4.4 percent on the same period.

“Jason offered his resignation for personal reasons that predate his time at Ford,” said Ford’s Asia Pacific operations head Peter Fleet.

“Ford accepted Jason’s resignation as the right way for him and the company to proceed. Jason’s decision was not related to the business strategy or performance of Ford China,” Fleet stated. He then added that Luo’s replacement will be the focus of a future announcement.

Luo was not immediately available for comment.

Ford’s Autonomous Police Car

In a different note, Ford has recently filed a patent for an autonomous police car.

The patent contained the description of the intended self-driving police car. The vehicle will have the ability to detect infractions performed by a different vehicle. This can be done on its own or with the help of surveillance cameras and/or road-side sensors.

The AI-powered police car will be able to remotely issue citations or be in pursuit of the vehicle in question.  According to the patent, “The method may further involve the processor remotely executing one or more actions with respect to the first vehicle.”

In simpler terms, the autonomous police car will be able to connect wirelessly to the original car in order to communicate with the passenger. This can be done to verify the identity of the passenger and issue a citation.

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