Facebook Finds 129 US Election Events Made by Russian Agents


HQBroker - Facebook app in phone start-up screenFacebook Inc. stated discovered 129 events created on the social media network by Russian agents. The said events were made during the 2016 US election campaign, as was testified to Congress.

The recent discovery shed more light on Russia’s supposed involvement in the disinformation drive aimed at the voters.

Facebook submitted a written statement to the US lawmakers which was released on Thursday and dated January 08. It said that there were 338,300 diverse Facebook accounts that viewed the events. It was also added that 62,500 marked that they will be attending the event.

The company then said that it had no data regarding what events actually took place.

The world’s largest social media network only announced the alleged involvement in September. Even then, it only said that Russians had created “several promoted events.”

Several copies of the event pages have surfaced since the announcement. Some of them showed political rallies centered on divisive subjects, such as immigration.

Russia continued to deny the conclusions that the US intelligence agencies have come up with. The country is adamant in saying that it had not meddled in American democracy in any form.

Facebook released the details to Congress this month following written questions from the US Senate Intelligence committee.

In Facebook’s statement, it said that overlaps were found between the online marketing done in 2016 by Russian agents and by President Donald Trump’s campaign. It then proceeded to calling such findings “insignificant.” The social media platform has made it clear that it was in no position to either validate or disprove allegations of collusion between the two sides.

Trump has also been denying any collusion with the Russian government. He described investigations by congressional panels and a special counsel as a witch hunt.

Tech Firms allowed Russia to Probe Software used by US gov’t.

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An investigation has shown that major global technology providers SAP, Symantec, and McAfee gave Russian authorities permission to hunt for vulnerabilities in software that are widely used by the US government.

Such permission might have potentially compromised the security of computer networks in at least a dozen federal agencies. This conclusion was determined by US lawmakers and security experts. It was also found that the permission involved more companies and a larger band of government than previously reported.

The tech companies gave the permission so that they can sell in the Russian market. The Russian defense agency was allowed to scour the inner workings, or source code, of some of their products.

In Russia’s defense, they said that it was necessary to review the products so that possible flaws that can be exploited by hackers can be detected.

The same products were used to protect some of the most sensitive areas of the US government. These include but not limited to the Pentagon, NASA, the State Department, the FBI, and the intelligence community.

The government uses the tech firms to protect data from hacking committed by sophisticated cyber adversaries.

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