Denmark’s GN aims at Apple through Wireless Earbuds

Denmark’s GN Store Nord aims to win against Apple’s popular Airpods through the use of their own products. It plans to win over a considerable portion of the wireless earbuds’ rapidly growing market.

Apple Airpods and iPhone

It is expected for the wireless products to be a major supporter of the increasing share of the $9.6 billion global earphone and headphone market. This then means that there will be intense competition taking place between the companies that are eager to cash in on the trend.

One feature that GN uses to attract customers is the integration of Amazon’s voice control system, Alexa into their products. They also decided to cut the price in half in hopes of attracting new customers with its latest product.

“We’re expanding our brand to deliver products aiming for a broader segment dominated by Apple,” said GN’s audio division chief executive Renè Svendsen-Tune.

GN made its name as a hearing aid maker but pulls on Danish tradition of innovation, staring back in 1869. The time GN began as a telegraph company.

The company’s hearing aid division has a close relationship with Apple during the past years. They use Bluetooth-like technology installed in the ear which then allows users to stream voice and music from their iPhones.

According to Svendsen-Tune, they will continue working with Apple while competing with the tech giant in the wireless earphone market.

In November 2016, one month after Airpods were launched, GN introduced its first wireless earphones.

The earphones originally offered by GN were tailored for athletes with features that track progress and monitors heart rate. They were sold for twice as much as Apple’s equivalent at $370.

“Apple has helped develop this market with great speed but now we’re launching a new generation,” stated Svendsen-Tune.

Apple and Samsung in Trouble

Amazon Echo

A survey recently done by technology consultancy company showed that people who use digital voice assistants like the Amazon Echo or Google Assistant tends to use their smartphones less often.

The results were then translated to possibly ending up causing trouble for smartphone makers Apple and Samsung. The two companies lag behind Amazon Inc., as well as Google when it comes to the emerging space.

The statement: “Since I got my digital voice assistant device, I use my smartphone for fewer activities.” was chosen as answer by nearly 2,300 participants. That amounted to 66 percent of the respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing.

Apple had plans of releasing its own HomePod with a built-in Siri digital assistant during the 2017 Holidays. However, it pushed back the launch until early 2018 in an announcement made in November last year.

Samsung is reportedly planning to release its own smart speaker by the first half of 2018.

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