U.S. Medical Tax Returns after Two-year Pause

Sale of medical devices are back to having tax of 2.6 percent. This will come into effect by Monday following a two-year suspension.

doctor's equipment

Both the U.S. lawmakers and the medical manufacturing industry opposed the tax return.

The tax removal on catheters, pacemakers and other healthcare products were part of the fees and taxes that were used to help sustain the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. The removal of tax on the said equipment was implemented on January 2013. It was predicted to raise around $30 billion over a decade.

The U.S. Congress approved a suspension of the levy back in 2015. This was done after receiving harsh criticisms from both the political parties and the medical industry.

The suspension expired on New Year’s Day after Republicans’ unsuccessful last-ditch efforts.

Having the Republicans succeed in repealing Obamacare last year would’ve led to an automatic cancellation of the health care act. The levy was still in the Republican-crafted tax legislation sign by U.S. President Donald Trump on the 22nd of December.

Supporters of the tax said that it helped in providing health insurance to millions of Americans who were previously uninsured.

However, critics who continuously fight the levy said that it subdued the medical industry and cut off jobs.

“The tax has had a significant negative impact on medical innovation and has resulted in the loss or deferred creation of jobs,” said the lobbying group, the Advanced Medical Technology Association.

Britain Demands Financial Services in EU Trade Deal

Flags of Great Britain and European Union on Medical Tax

Britain wishes to add financial services in the trade deal struck with the European Union.

The deal will cover a full sweep of economic areas said Brexit minister David Davis on Tuesday.

Davis also referred to any deal that does not include finance as “cherry picking”. This follows Michel Barnier’s, EU’s Brexit negotiator, statement wherein he voiced out doubt of financial services being included in a free-trade deal.

“We are looking at the full sweep of economic cooperation that currently exists and determining how that can be maintained with the minimum additional barriers or friction,” said Davis. He then added that the value of a trade deal in goods can be used in services trade as well.

“I do not believe the strength of this cooperation needs change because we leaving the European Union, so long as it is understood that this involves working together, not simply rule taking,” Davis stated. “These principles can be applied to services trade too.”

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