Apple Appoints New India Sales Head

Apple Inc. gave the position of top sales executive in India to Michel Coulomb. Coulomb will be replacing Sanjay Kaul who left the company after it reported its lowest regional growth rate in more than five years.

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The announcement was made by Hugues Asseman, Apple’s head of emerging markets. He released the news on Mondays during Apple India’s annual sales conference in Goa.

Kaul said that he is leaving the company with “immediate effect.”

Unnamed sources said that Kaul will likely be starting “another venture in an industry that may not be directly connected to the mobile phones business.”

Apple was not available for immediate comment regarding the departure of its India manager. Kaul has also gone quiet after his recent resignation.

Coulomb is a veteran exec in Apple and was the managing director for South Asia operations of the company. He worked in Middle East, Turkey, and Africa under Apple’s operations before moving to Singapore last year.

He is a French national that has been working with the company for more than 14 years. Coulomb is also considered as a key executive by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple Products Price Increase in India

This happens along the US tech giant’s pursuit of a bigger share of the third-largest smartphone market in the world.

Apple is eager to expand its reach in India. The company currently holds just under 3 percent of the smartphone market in the country.

The company is now seeking incentives and tax breaks from the federal government. Add to this that Apple is also aiming to expand manufacturing in India.

The iPhone maker’s sales climbed 17 percent to 116.19 billion rupees ($1.81 billion) during the fiscal year to March 2017. According to regulatory filings, this is considerably lower than the 50 percent growth it had the year before.

Apple increased prices for all its phones in India on Monday. The increase averaged 3.5 percent after the taxes on imported phones were raised by the government a week ago. The exception to the price increase was its low-cost SE model, assembled through Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron located in Bengaluru.

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, and China’s Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo, currently dominates India’s price-sensitive market.

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