Mitsubishi Materials Admits to Product Data Falsification

Mitsubishi Motors name and symbol

Mitsubishi Motors name and symbol over sky background

Mitsubishi Materials Corp. admitted that its branches had falsified data about products for at least a year.

The products included parts for aircraft and automobiles. This had now become the latest addition to the series of quality assurance scandals involving Japanese manufacturers.

The company said that the findings resulted from a recent investigation conducted after the data-falsification scandals which involved joint venture partner Kobe Steel. The scandal included the Mitsubishi Cable Industries which made misleading  data for the rubber sealing products used in aircrafts and cars.

The data was changed in order to match specifications set by the company or clients. This, according to Mitsubishi Materials’ statement on Thursday, had transpired in the two-and-a-half years since April 2015.

Another subsidiary, Mitsubishi Shindoh, was found to have manipulated data for metal products. It had said that the problems found were dated back till October 2016.

Mitsubishi Materials stated that in either case, there were no safety or legal problems found. But it was uncertain whether there will be any impact on its financial outlook.

The company said that it had designated a task force which will tackle the problems. The task force will also be responsible for creating countermeasures which is aimed to improve quality control.

This news followed the admission of Kobe Steel, Japan’s No. 3 steelmaker, back in October regarding workers tampering with product specifications. This has shaken up global supply chains. It also forced global automakers, aircraft manufacturers, as well as other companies to check any possible safety or performance issues.

Mitsubishi Materials has a 45 percent share in a copper tube joint venture with Kobe Steel. This includes the Hatano plant which was found to be at the center of the data-falsification scandal.

Honda Uses Facebook to Locate Affected Customers

Honda name and symbol

Honda name and symbol with parked cars behind it.

The car maker, Honda announced on Monday that there is now a new set of initiatives that aims to complete the replacement of defective Takata Inflators.

The Takata airbag recall affected tens of millions of cars in the U.S., yet several years later, it still has not yet been completed. This recall has caused hundreds of injuries and deaths.

Honda has decided to turn to Facebook Custom Audiences in order to locate those remaining millions of unrepaired cars in the U.S.

“To reach specific owners of affected vehicles, encrypted email addresses associated with recalled VINs are matched to Facebook UserIDs,” Honda said in a news release. “When a customer logs into Facebook, they are presented with a custom message featuring the PSA in their Facebook feed.”

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