Samsung Electronics Announces Plans for AI research Center

samsung logo in an expo

The Samsung Electronics logo is seen in an expo where they showcase their different products.

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd announced on Wednesday that it will be creating an artificial intelligence (AI) research center. Also, it will provide better support to an executive role for finding new areas for its three major business groups.

Samsung Electronics released a statement that talked about its newly updated business structure. According to them, one of the minor changes to their business structure was the quick response to market changes.

The move came after a new generation of top managers was appointed last month. This helped dispel lingering worries regarding a leadership vacuum after arrest of Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee.

The new AI research center will be under two of its three main businesses, the mobile and consumer electronics businesses. But the company refused to disclose the AI research center’s location.

Samsung Electronics also reinforced the “business development” role filled in by Young Sohn, the company’s chief strategy officer. It supported the role by giving it the opportunity to explore new business opportunities that can not only be found in components but also in mobile and consumer electronics.

Sohn led the company’s $8 billion acquisition of Harman International which was finalized in November last year. He is the one responsible for the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center (SSIC). The offices, according to the SSIC website, are located in San Jose and San Francisco, United States, among others.

Apple Scientists Self-Driving Car Research

apple logo outside a building

The Apple Inc. logo lit up outside a building in front of a glass wall.

Research conducted by Apple Inc.’s computer scientist regarding self-driving cars has been publicly disclosed.

The research focuses on how self-driving cars can better spot cyclists and pedestrians while using fewer sensors. It has been posted online and seems to be the company’s first paper on autonomous vehicles that has been published.

Scientists Yin Zhou and Oncel Tuzel submitted the paper on November 17 to the independent online journal arXiv. This is important due to the fact that Apple has been mostly secretive about any of their future products. It has been to the point that it was viewed as a drawback among AI and machine-learning researchers.

The scientists proposed a new software they called “VoxelNet” which can help computers detect three-dimensional objects.

However, Apple was not immediately available for comment.

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