Musk Unveils First Tesla Semi

Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk finally unveils the company’s first electric semi-truck on Thursday after teasing about it for months.

Tesla sign outside a building

Tesla name and logo seen outside one of its offices.

Musk came into the unveiling in Hawthorne, California while sitting inside the cab of the new Tesla Semi.

He has been heard telling the public that the company’s new electric semi will “blow your mind.” The semi-truck has a slick design which will allow truckers to stand in the cab. Musk and his team believe the electric semi will provide drivers a far better experience while also increasing safety and reducing costs.

The truck has the capability of driving from 500 miles in a single charge, surpassing analysts’ expectations. This range could mean that the Tesla Semi will be able to meet long haul truck drivers’ needs.

Musk explained the Tesla Semi’s potential to a crowd of Tesla car owners and potential buyers. “That is 500 miles at maximum weight, at highway speed, so you are doing 60 mph. That is the worst case scenario.”

He also said that the truck will be able to beat a diesel truck in a straight line. The truck is capable of going from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds by itself. Or it can achieve the same feat in 20 seconds with an added 80,000 pound load.

Musk said that if you factor in the total cost of ownership with price per mile, the truck will also beat diesel trucks.

Every truck is equipped with Autopilot standard. Also according to Musk, the truck’s low center of gravity will make it hard for the truck to roll-over. He then added that the truck is impossible to jack-knife.

The biggest difference that separated the Tesla Semi from other Class 8 trucks is the steering wheel’s location. The steering wheel for the semi is located in the center of the cab with touchscreen panels located on either side of the driver.

Other than this, Tesla told the crowd that each truck will have built-in connectivity that integrates directly with a group’s management system. This will allow routing and remote monitoring.

The Tesla Semi will take parts and lessons that were learned from building past car models, such as Model S, X, and 3.

Tesla will also be building a network of Tesla “Megachargers”. These charging stations will be able to charge the trucks’ batteries to a 400 mile range within 30 minutes.

Musk assured buyers that the company guarantees the truck won’t break down for 1 million miles.

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