Nissan Plans to Recall 1.2M Japan Vehicles

On Monday, the Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer, Nissan Motor Company Ltd., revealed its plans of recalling 1.2 million vehicles in Japan to re-inspect them as they are according to a report did not meet domestic rules on final safety inspections of vehicles, mounting the number of vehicles which the carmaker said had been checked by the unauthorized technicians.

“Approximately 1,210,000 units produced between October 2014 and September 2017 will be subject to re-inspection,” Nissan said in a statement.

The automaker said a team, including an independent third party, was investigating the cause of the oversight and promised to prevent it from happening again.

“Nissan regrets any inconvenience and concern this has caused to its valued customers in Japan,” the company said.

Nissan Chief Executive, Hiroto Saikawa, said he expected it would take about a month to determine the cause of the improper inspections. He also said that the oversight had happened at all six Nissan plants in Japan and recognized inadequate steps had been done to make sure inspection staff was aware of the required inspection process.

Currently, Nissan cannot sell 60,000 new cars in Japan because its safety inspections did not adhere to government guidelines.

Earlier in the day, shares of Nissan have seen a five-month low after it said late last week that it had produced tens of thousands of vehicles for the Japanese market without proper safety checks. It fell by more than 5% before ending the day down 2.69% at 1,084.5 yen.

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