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  • Citigroup Launches Chatbot

    Citi Logo on a Steel Platform

    Citigroup, the American banking giant, launches a service that will allow its customers to check their banking information via Facebook Messenger. The service, which is known as conversational computer program or chatbot, was launched last Thursday to its banking clients… Read More ›

  • Fannie Mae to Offload Loans

    HQBroker Fannie Mae

    The Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) has recently announced that it currently seeks buyers for its loans. Fannie Mae has nearly $2 billion in re-performing loans off its hands at the time being. This rooted from the 9,400 re-performing… Read More ›

  • Spotify to Start Trading its Stocks Next Month

    Phone with open Spotify app on top of vinyl record.

    Executives of Spotify announced on Thursday that the music-streaming company would start trading its stocks on the first week of April. The company will also provide a full-year financial guidance on March 26. Daniel Ek, co-founder of Spotify, said that the… Read More ›